Fairlen 208 Utility belt

You know how most women’s clothing doesn’t have pockets?  Well, that drives me crazy cuz I don’t like carrying around a purse.  It always falls off my shoulder and then I put it down and forget it.  Its bad.  I’ve lost my wallet so many times….  So I make skirts out of jeans and my husband’s old pants, and thats cool, but it gets old, and what if I want to wear a pretty skirt that doesn’t have pockets?  So I looked on Etsy to see what they had for “pocket belt”.  Lo! There were many beautiful pocket belts!  The nice ones run about $75. I wanted to make sure I liked this idea before investing a pile of money into it so I made one for myself out of leather scraps and belts from the thrift shop.  Let me know what you think!

belt1 belt2 belt3 belt4 belt5 belt6

I made sure that the big pocket was big enough for my phone and my passport.  The other pocket holds my wallet quite nicely.


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Fairlen 207 Halloween Costume 2013

Sorry this is so late.  For Halloween last year my husband and I went to an awesome party as Milo and Kida (at his request).  I put together both costumes.


The boots are because its Halloween in NH.


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Fairlen 206 Fabric Business Cards

Wow, its been a while.  So I was told to make a blog post about the fabric business cards that I printed up to pass out at a theater job fair as I look for work as a costume designer.  I used mostly scraps of dyed silk from my silk painting class I took 10 years ago, and I printed my info and QR code directly onto the fabric using Gail’s method from My Repurposed Life which I found on Karen’s blog The Graphics Fairy.



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Fairlen 205

Knick wants to me to dress up as Kida for Halloween.  So I was watching Atlantis and spotted this young man.


he is one of the warriors that you only get to see for one second.

Also, last night during my boring bar I did a little fashion designing.  I want to make a black velvet shrug with a high collar.  And I saw this woman wearing this extra long button down shirt and it was super cute!

9-17-13-longShirt 9-17-13-shrug


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Fairlen 204


Cor, wearing Lissa’s white dress and a fur coat he acquired for some rocks.  You like that cat hair to Cor’s right at about shin height?

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Fairlen 203


not bad for having not picked up a pencil in months.  I need to draw more.


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fairlen 202


The Shield and Friends!  A product of our trip to Bozeman MT to visit Tim and Jane.  It was so nice to have time to draw!

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